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Hungarian continuing education course

Information and Application

Goals of the advanced training in Hungary

This training for professionals is about the rehabilitation of acquired brain injuries and is a condensed version of a 6-day international course that was developed in England in 2008. The course has been designed in collaboration with the UK Stroke Network for therapists who wish to gain further evidence-based knowledge and learn innovative skills in the field of Functional Rehabilitation and Exercise Training after Stroke (FRETS).

The course contains the full theoretical material and provides the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice (at the ARNI workshops). In Hungary, the Director of the ARNI Institute, Prof. Tom Balchin, conducts the theoretical education, while Gabriella Pásztor, Senior ARNI Instructor, Physiotherapist, conducts the practical education (Workshops).

The official Adult Education Registration number of our course: B/2021/000945

Accreditation registration number: SZTK-A-53686/2022
The Movement Therapy and Physiotherapy professional group receives 17 points for completing the course.

Those who participate in this course can acquire knowledge that they did not have before, therefore the training fee is a fully justified and well-founded compensation.

The course’s language is English with translation, but the participant will receive learning materials and descriptions in Hungarian as well as informative links about research and evidence.

The advanced training is primarily intended for 4th-year physiotherapy students, qualified physiotherapists, movement therapists, ergo therapists, human kinesiologists, and rehabilitation specialists.