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Stroke is the third most common cause of death in Europe. 1.4 million deaths are registered yearly in Europe alone. There are 45,000 new stroke cases every year, and an estimated 500 000 patients living with the after effects of suffering a stroke. / National Stroke League Data / Only an estimated 25% of patients recover without permanent disability, and about 50% of stroke sufferers need therapy. There are an estimated number of 15 000 deaths per year alone in Hungary. [Hungarian Stroke Organization Data (MST)] 

Our applied therapy, ARNI: A new and special approach to stroke rehabilitation, which is now internationally recognized and highly successful.

Dr. Tom Balchin– suffered a stroke and became half-paralyzed. His rehabilitation / from which ARNI has sprouted over the last 15 years / has been an innovative combination of self-defense sports, muscle development with weight exercises, as well as psychological and self-management training. 
This triple combination now serves as rehabilitation method with clinical proof, for the optimum development of stroke patients to offer sufferers a whole and full life. She learned and perfected this therapy, and brought this method to Hungary. Gabriella Pásztor Physiotherapist

Stroke Neuro Rehab
Stroke Neuro Rehab

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